Our restaurant
+7(495) 788-6688
Around 100 off-premise caterers operate today in Moscow, but only one of them is Number ONE.
The off-premise caterer FIGARO is an acknowledged leader in arranging and serving great celebrations since 1993.
FIGARO is the TOP restaurant for GREAT occasions!
The mission of FIGARO is providing professional services we create a reliable reputation of our partners among their employees and clients.
Our values:
- Decency
- Responsibility
- Openness
- Orderliness
- Confidence

Our principles:
- Guests servicing up to the world standards
- Friendly atmosphere
- Use of entertainment and cooking stations
When you may need services of FIGARO:
- New Year's eve party
- Barbecue party
- Pancake week (Mardi Gras)
- Corporate events
- Professional holidays
(Oil Industry Workers' Day, Bankers' Day, etc.)
- National holidays (New Year, Victory Day,
8 March, 23 February, etc.)
- International/national holidays
(Children's Day, Museum's Day, etc.)
- Company anniversaries/birthday parties
- Concerts
- Sporting events
- Exhibitions
- Receptions/meetings/gatherings
- Presentations/fashion shows
- Conferences/workshops
- Weddings
- Private parties
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